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Date: January 30, 2015

bbboing v1.8

v1.8 has a minor change to test integration with the shortcake UI plugin. read more

Date: January 30, 2015

oik v2.5-alpha.0130

oik v2.5-alpha.0130 is the first drop for oik v2.5.
This first version is primarily focussed on delivery of some prototype code to support the shortcake UI plugin.
 read more

oik-batchmove v2.4

Now supports mass setting of post meta data.

oik-squeeze v0.7

v0.7 of the oik-squeeze WordPress plugin no longer displays the squeeze page form on the WPMS sign-up page.

oik-external-link-warning v0.05

v0.05 of the oik-external-link-warning plugin now supports display of tooltips over links which do not contain the title attribute.

DIY-oik v1.4

DIY-oik v1.4 now has better support for Add-To-Any and similar plugins that add share buttons or other content during shortcode expansion.

oik v2.4

oik version 2.4 was released to WordPress.org on Christmas Eve, 2014.

oik v2.4-beta.1223

Fix for shortcodes that support pagination.

Pagination not working properly in WordPress 4.1

We recently activated wp-super-cache then noticed a problem with paginated shortcodes. Now we think there's a problem with WordPress 4.1. Currently investigating whether or not it's a problem with oik or WordPress.

oik-weightcountry-shipping v1.0.8

v1.0.8 tested with WordPress 4.1.1, WordPress Multi Site and WooCommerce 2.3.5

oik v2.4-beta.1222

v2.4-beta.1222 reverts a change in 2.4-beta.1218

uk-tides v1.6

Improved support for obtaining and displaying tide times and heights from tidetimes.co.uk