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Latest news

Date: December 21, 2014

uk-tides v1.6

Improved support for obtaining and displaying tide times and heights from tidetimes.co.uk read more

Date: December 18, 2014

oik v2.4-beta.1218

Tested with WordPress 4.1 and WordPress Multisite read more

oik-plugins v1.14

Improved support for plugin update checking.

oik-popup v0.3

Improved positioning of the header when using a narrow device.

Posting and sharing to Facebook

To get Facebook to use the correct image when using Jetpack's Share this: buttons you may need to use Facebook's debug tool to clear the cache.

oik v2.4-alpha.1112

Changes for WP-a2z and oik-plugins.

oik-shortcodes v1.26

Changes to improve the display of the Dynamic API Reference for WP-a2z and oik-plugins.

How to fix an unresponsive Menu button in child themes of TwentyTwelve

Recently we noticed that the Menu button in child themes of TwentyTwelve was not behaving correctly; it was not expanding when you clicked on it.

We tracked it down to a change in the parent theme, between version 1.4 and 1.5.

New versions of oik2012, oik20120 and other bespoke themes built as child themes of TwentyTwelve will be made available in due course. In the mean time, here's a brief explanation and some notes about our planned fix.

Press Release: WP-a2z – The Dynamic API Reference for WordPress, plugins and themes

WP-a2z - the Dynamic API Reference for WordPress, plugins and themes: what is it, what does it do and what's the future?

oik-rwd v0.5

Added support for defining the breakpoint where RWD logic starts to take effect.

oik-css v.07

Required for better control over Automatic paragraph creation. Now dependent on oik v2.3 or higher.

oik v2.4-alpha.1012

Improvements to the [bw_fields] shortcode.