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oik-nivo-slider version 1.6 released

oik-nivo-slider version 1.6 is now the stable version on WordPress.org This version implements the ability to choose the size of the images to be loaded using the thumbnail parameter.

In previous versions this parameter was not effective when the images being displayed were the attachments to the current post/page – the “full” size image was always loaded.

Now there are a number of choices.

thumbnail= image selected
full ( default ) the full size image
thumbnail the thumbnail sized image, as defined in Media settings
medium the medium sized image, as defined in Media settings
large the large sized image, as defined in Media settings
Y (for Yes) same as thumbnail
nnn The closest match to a square image of nnn x nnn pixels
wxh The closest match to a rectangular image with width=w pixels and height=h pixels

If the size of the requested image is not available then the full sized image will be used. Note: No image scaling is applied, other than the logic performed when the image is added to the media library. Also note: the frame of the nivo slider adjusts itself to the its containing block. So if your images are smaller than the container you’ll see blank space on the right hand side. View examples

Download oik-nivo-slider

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