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Jetpack [contact-field] shortcode Country select list

Here is a list of countries pre-formatted into the [contact-field] shortcode used in jetpack's Contact form. Copy and paste the shortcode into your Contact form. It should save a lot of typing.

[contact-field label="Country" type="select" required="true" options="
,United States
,Antigua & Deps
,Bosnia Herzegovina
,Cape Verde
,Central African Rep
,Congo (Democratic Rep)
,Costa Rica
,Czech Republic
,Dominican Republic
,East Timor
,El Salvador
,Equatorial Guinea
,Ireland (Republic)
,Ivory Coast
,Korea North
,Korea South
,Marshall Islands
,Myanmar (Burma)
,New Zealand
,Northern Ireland
,Papua New Guinea
,Russian Federation
,St Kitts & Nevis
,St Lucia
,Saint Vincent & the Grenadines
,San Marino
,Sao Tome & Principe
,Saudi Arabia
,Sierra Leone
,Solomon Islands
,South Africa
,South Sudan
,Sri Lanka
,Trinidad & Tobago
,United Arab Emirates
,United Kingdom
,United States
,Vatican City
,Zimbabwe" /]]

This is what you should get:

Note: This only works if the Jetpack Contact form module is activated.

For a complete example with a shorter list of countries see How to create a contact page using oik and Jetpack

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