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oik-bbpress – strip tags from forum title tooltips

strip tags from bbPress forum title tooltips 


This is a very simple plugin. Its purpose is to strip any HTML tags generated by the expansion of shortcodes in the bbpress forum titles, as these can cause problems when the title text is also used in the tooltip.

Note: Developed originally for the version of bbPress delivered in BuddyPress version 1.5, this plugin still does its job for version 2.3.2 of bbpress.

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oik-plugins.eu -oik-bbpress forum title plugin bbpress

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Title Excerpt Version
oik-bbpress v1.18 This version is a standalone version from www.oik-plugins.com This version matches the child plugin oik-bbpress in oik v1.17 1.18
oik-bbpress v1.16.0828 version 1.16.0828 is the first version hosted on oik-plugins. 1.16.0828
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