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oik-bob-bing-wide – more lazy smart shortcodes

More lazy smart shortcodes from oik and Bobbing Wide


The oik-bob-bing-wide plugin delivers over 20 additional lazy smart shortcodes. Most of these shortcode are unlikely to be used in “normal” sites. The exceptions possibly being:
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oik-bob-bing-wide v1.25Added two new shortcodes.1.25
oik-bob-bing-wide v1.24Added three new shortcodes1.24
oik-bob-bing-wide v1.23Upgrade if you want to use [bw_search] to replace Artisteer's [search]1.23
oik-bob-bing-wide v1.21
  • Changed: Moved much of the code from the oik base plugin to the oik-bob-bing-wide shortcodes folder
  • Changed: Now responds to "oik_add_shortcodes" action, so shortcodes are only registered when shortcodes are being used.
  • Tested: with WordPress 3.9-beta3
oik-bob-bing-wide v1.20Version 1.20 introduces the [bw_csv] shortcode.1.20
oik-bob-bing-wide v1.19Only required for websites which need the shortcodes such as bw_plug, wp, loik 1.19
oik-bob-bing-wide v1.18This version is a standalone version from www.oik-plugins.com This version matches the child plugin oik-bob-bing-wide in oik v1.171.18
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