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oik-fields – custom post type field APIs

Performant Application Programming Interface for entry and display of meta data for custom post types.


The oik-fields plugin provides a set of APIs for registering custom post types and their meta data.


  • Field formatting for custom post type meta data: text, textarea, checkbox, currency, numeric, date, select, noderef, URL, email
  • Support for specific fields: post_title, excerpt, bw_header_image
  • Extensible – allow other plugins to define field types
  • Display custom columns in admin pages
  • Display custom columns using the [bw_table] shortcode.
  • Display custom fields using the [bw_pages] shortcode.

This plugin is required by oik-plugins and oik-shortcodes


oik-fields – custom fields plugin oik fields APIs

Title Excerpt Version
oik-fields v1.35 [bw_related] now accepts the format= parameter, to behave like [bw_pages] 1.35
oik-fields v1.34 Version 1.34 extends the bw_related shortcode to enable related posts to be found by matching tag or category slugs to a particular field in a custom post type, where the value is dynamically determined based on the current post. 1.34
oik-fields v1.32 Version 1.32 primarily contains a fix for officialcaravan.co.uk. 1.32
oik-fields v1.20 The oik base plugin now implements message issuing APIs, previously developed in shortcodes/oik-new.php. oik-fields has been changed to cater for this. 1.20
oik-fields v1.19.1107 Required for PHPHants November 2013 1.19.1107
oik-fields v1.19.0718 The oik-fields plugin delivers a new shortcode [bw_new] to allow end users to create "pending" content on your site without using the Dashboard. 1.19.0718
oik-fields v1.18.0325 Improvements to support [[bw_user]] and [bw_fields] shortcodes 1.18.0325
oik-fields v1.18.0315 Added: Support for multiple selection noderef fields 1.18.0315
oik-fields 1.18.0302 Changed noderef fields. 1.18.0302
oik-fields v1.18.0101
  • Added: dependency logic on oik v1.17
  • Added: phpdoc comments
  • Changed: Improved logic for bw_theme_field_url()
  • Fixed: Handle value of 0 in bw_return_field_select()