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oik-header – custom header image

The oik-header - custom header image WordPress plugin allows you to specify a different custom header image for pages, posts and even custom post types.


  • Display a different header image for each page or post.
  • It's different from the standard WordPress functionality in that it doesn't rely on using the featured image.
  • You can have both a custom header AND a featured image.
  • Originally designed to work with Artisteer generated themes.
  • It supports other WordPress themes such as Twenty Eleven, Twenty Twelve and Coraline.
  • It supports child themes or Twenty Eleven and Twenty Twelve
  • You can use this facility in addition to the custom header image functionality built into WordPress.

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Title Excerpt Version
oik-header v1.18.01.02
  • Added: Support for themes based on Twenty Twelve and Twenty Ten
  • Added: Support for Artisteer 4 themes
  • Added: Dependency checking on the oik base plugin

oik header v1.17 This version is a standalone version from www.oik-plugins.com This version matches the child plugin oik-header in oik v1.17 1.17