oik FAQ

Frequently asked questions (and answers)

What does oik stand for?

oik is an acronym for “Often Included Key Information”.

But why did you choose that?

I wanted something short and memorable. oik may not be the best acronym I could come up with but it satisfies another desire of mine to somehow be related to Bobbing Wide. It’s actually the last word before Bobbing Wide… if you know where to look. For more information see Rethinking the Bobbing Wide API plugin name.

What’s a shortcode?

A shortcode is a time saver. It’s supposed to do something useful, whilst not breaking the website. It’s a macro that expands into something more complex than the shortcode itself. WordPress provides 3 shortcodes: [caption], [embed] and [gallery]

oik provides many more shortcodes, ranging from simple codes that provide commonly used data ( e.g. [bw_email] ) to complex codes that extract and format information. ( e.g. [bw_pages] ) Other plugins provide shortcodes to do similar things to the ones that oik provides.

What’s a lazy shortcode

A lazy shortcode is one where the code to expand it is only loaded into WordPress when it’s actually needed. So if you never use the [bw_tides] shortcode, for example, then the code to expand it will not be loaded into WordPress.

What’s a smart shortcode

A smart shortcode is one which alters its behaviour taking in account the context in which it’s invoked. Say you wanted to use a short code in a title, such as on this page. The [oik] shortcode will happily expand for when it’s used on a page title, but when the title is displayed in the administrative interface the shortcode should not included unwanted HTML tags. Conversely you would not want the [bw_pages] shortcode to expand in a page title. So it’s smart enough to only expand when used in the content.

From where can I download oik?

Here –> oik WordPress plugin

How do I install it?

See oik installation

Which is the latest version?

For a production site, unless otherwise specified you should always use the latest stable version of the oik plugin on WordPress.org

See also oik changelog

Is there a development version?


Download oik from wordpress.org
Download oik version 3.0.0-alpha.0820

What does it do?

The oik base plugin provides a series of WordPress shortcodes that take the pain out of producing commonly used information. For some of the simpler shortcodes you provide this information once on the oik options panel.

Where can I find out more?

You can see examples of oik‘s use all over this website PLUS on other Bobbing Wide sites.

Where are the shortcodes documented?

See shortcodes

Is there a support forum?

Yes. On WordPress.org oik support forum

Can I get email support?

Certainly. Please use the contact form. Contact oik

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