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TitleOik Sc Plugin
api - Link to API definitionsoik shortcode and API server
apis - Link to API definitionsoik shortcode and API server
artisteer - Styled form of Artisteeroik-bob-bing-wide – more lazy smart shortcodes
audio - Embed audio files WordPress core functionality
bbboing - obfuscate text but leave it readablebbboing – text obfuscator
bing - Styled form of bingoik-bob-bing-wide – more lazy smart shortcodes
bob - Styled form of boboik-bob-bing-wide – more lazy smart shortcodes
bong - Styled form of bongoik-bob-bing-wide – more lazy smart shortcodes
bp - Styled form of BuddyPressoik-bob-bing-wide – more lazy smart shortcodes
bw - Expand to the logo for Bobbing Wideoik – oik information kit
bwtrace - Trace facility formoik-bwtrace – debug trace for WordPress
bwtroff - Force trace offoik-bwtrace – debug trace for WordPress
bwtron - Force trace onoik-bwtrace – debug trace for WordPress
bw_abbr - Format an abbreviationoik – oik information kit
bw_accordion - Display posts in an accordionoik – oik information kit
bw_acronym - Format an acronymoik – oik information kit
bw_action - ?oik-bob-bing-wide – more lazy smart shortcodes
bw_address - Display the addressoik – oik information kit
bw_admin - Display the Admin contact nameoik – oik information kit
bw_alt_slogan - Alternative sloganoik – oik information kit
bw_api - Dynamic API syntax helpoik shortcode and API server
bw_attachments - List attachments with linksoik – oik information kit
bw_block - Format an Artisteer blockoik – oik information kit
bw_blockquote - Format a blockquoteoik – oik information kit
bw_blog - Select blog to processoik-ms – oik MultiSite shortcodes
bw_blogs - List blogs using bw_pages style displayoik-ms – oik MultiSite shortcodes
bw_bookmarks - List bookmarksoik – oik information kit
bw_business - Display your Business nameoik – oik information kit
bw_button - Show a link as a buttonoik – oik information kit
bw_cite - Cite a blockquoteoik – oik information kit
bw_code - Display the help and syntax for a shortcodeoik-sc-help – shortcode help shortcodes
bw_codes - Display the currently available shortcodesoik-sc-help – shortcode help shortcodes
bw_company - Company nameoik – oik information kit
bw_contact - Primary contact nameoik – oik information kit
bw_contact_button - Contact form buttonoik – oik information kit
bw_contact_form - Display a contact form for the specific useroik – oik information kit
bw_copyright - Format a Copyright statementoik – oik information kit
bw_countdown - Countdown timeroik – oik information kit
bw_crumbs - ?oik-bob-bing-wide – more lazy smart shortcodes
bw_css - Add internal CSS stylingoik-css
bw_csv - Display CSV data in a tableoik-bob-bing-wide – more lazy smart shortcodes
bw_cycle - Display pages using jQuery cycleoik – oik information kit
bw_dash - Display a dash iconoik-bob-bing-wide – more lazy smart shortcodes
bw_directions - Display a 'Google directions' button.oik – oik information kit
bw_domain - Display the domain nameoik – oik information kit
bw_eblock - end a bw_blockoik – oik information kit
bw_editcss - Edit Custom CSS file buttonoik – oik information kit
bw_email - Email primary contact (formal)oik – oik information kit
bw_email_signature - Format the email signatureoik email signature
bw_emergency - Emergency telephone numberoik – oik information kit
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Shortcode examples

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[[bwtron]] and [[bwtroff]]
[[bw_directions]] shortcode - to get Google directions
[bw_block] and [bw_eblock]
[bw_bookmarks] - displaying Links by category_name
[bw_bookmarks] - list bookmarks with a blank title
[bw_codes] ordered by shortcode name
[bw_contact_button] - Contact button
[bw_editcss] - edit your custom.css file
[bw_facebook] - Follow me on Facebook
[bw_images] - to link or not to link?
[bw_jq] and [bw_list] to implement the Flex slider to display attached images
[bw_linkedin] - Follow me on LinkedIn
[bw_list] shortcode - simple list of links
[bw_mailto] and [ bw_email]
[bw_pdf] - list attached PDF's with/without icons
[bw_plug option='active_plugins'] - Display active plugins
[bw_plug] shortcode to display a table of plugins
[bw_posts] - list posts with category_name=example
[bw_tides] for Northney with custom CSS
[bw_tides] shortcode - Chichester Harbour tide times and heights
[cookies] - display site cookies with custom CSS styling
[nivo class=w50pc] - half width nivo slider
bbboing example to display a form for user input
bbboing for some common WordPress phrases
bbboing with text and form parameters
bw_address - styled as an address label
bw_address displayed as a single line
bw_bookmarks shortcode
bw_button shortcode to display an inline call to action link
bw_button to link to the top, middle or bottom of the page
bw_countdown for WordPress 3.9
bw_countdown since WordPress 3.9-beta3
bw_css to add custom gradient background, drop shadow and opacity
bw_cycle example for child pages
bw_cycle fx=scrollVert
bw_cycle of attached images
bw_cycle vertical scrolling with CSS arrows
bw_follow_me shortcode with alt=0
bw_follow_me user=vsgloik
bw_graphviz - oik plugin dependencies of plugins powering wp-a2z.org
bw_graphviz - plugins, theme and shortcodes relationships
bw_graphviz for shortcodes and their relationships
bw_link src= or url=
bw_link to URL
bw_logo link="/"
bw_logo with link=. example
bw_mobile link=s - send SMS text
bw_mobile with link=sms: or link=s
bw_more with class parameter
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