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Upgrade to a new version of oik from oik-plugins

This tutorial outlines the steps required to upgrade to a new version of the oik plugin by downloading it directly from the oik-plugins server. 

Step 1. Display oik options > PluginsStep 2. Add new plugin – oikStep 3. Check plugin oikStep 4a – Unexpected responseStep 4b. Plugin updated to latest level


  1. Login to the dashboard and choose oik options > Plugins
  2. If oik is not already listed listed click on Add plugin. Type the plugin slug name ("oik") and click on Add new plugin
  3. From the Settings panel click on Check. On the Check panel click on the Upgrade oik/oik.phplink
  4. You may see "The plugin is at the latest version". For reasons see below.
  5. But hopefully the plugin will be updated.


  • After the update you can choose Delete to remove the entry from the oik options > Plugins list. The plugin will revert to being updated from WordPress.org
  • This technique can be used for any plugin hosted on a server using the oik-plugins WordPress plugin server.
  • This method is a lot easier than attempting to download and install the development version from WordPress.org,
  • This is especially true if the plugin is not hosted on WordPress.org!
  • Using the oik-fum plugin this solution can be implemented for any WordPress plugin.

Dealing with "The plugin is at the latest version"

There are times when, even though you are offered an Upgrade link, WordPress responds with The plugin is at the latest version. This is because WordPress doesn't yet know that there is a new version. And it doesn't know there's a new version since it hasn't checked itself, because it didn't even know it should have done.

There's a reasonable explanation for this.

  • oik is normally delivered from WordPress.org, so it doesn't expect to be updated from the oik-plugins server.
  • The logic inside the oik base plugin checks if there are any plugins that explicitly state that they are delivered from an oik-plugins server.
  • If there are none, then no testing against an oik-plugins server is performed.
  • In order to make WordPress check the oik-plugins server then you first need to Activate a plugin that does get its updates from elsewhere.
  • So you will need to activate an appropriate plugin such as the oik-bob-bing-wide plugin.

If the check and update still fails then try updating the plugin from the Plugins > Installed Plugins page.

And if that fails then try running the Update Core routine using


Another reason you might get this message is if you are attempting to upgrade a plugin in a WordPress Multi Site installation but you're not performing the action against the Network

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