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oik base plugin - lazy smart shortcodes

The oik base plugin provides a simple user interface where you can enter “OIK Information Kit” and shortcodes to allow you to embed this information within your website. It also provides you the ability to define the CSS information to format the information the way you want.

Each of the shortcodes that you can use may be included in titles, page and post content and widgets.

Some of the shortcodes also allow you to enter your own XHTML markup. This enables you to create nicely formatted content with the minimum of effort.

When editing a page or post in Visual mode you can click on a choice of buttons to display a dialog from which to select the shortcode you need. When using the HTML editor you use the [] quicktag button.

The buttons are not available for Text Widgets and other fields, but you can copy and paste the generated shortcode as and when necessary.

Supported from wordpress.org and oik-plugins

Since oik version 1.17, the oik base plugin has been supported from both WordPress.org and oik.

oik-plugins version
The version on oik-plugins features the bleeding edge changes that are being tested before being released to the WordPress repository. New features appear here first. Discover oik Download oik from wordpress.org
Download oik version 2.5-alpha.0130
oik is available as a WordPress plugin from the WordPress Plugin Directory. Read about oik Download oik

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