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oik options > Plugins

Use the oik options > Plugins page to manage your oik plugins.


oik plugins are WordPress plugins that are supported from oik plugin servers, not WordPress.org. You can use the oik options > Plugins page to manage the versions of these plugins.

Here we see a list of the registered oik plugins and the servers from which they are supported. For each plugin listed there are 3 actions: Delete – Removes the entry from the plugin server settings page. Note: This does not delete the plugin. You might want to use this for a plugin that is served from WordPress.org. Edit – Edit the entry – to set the server URL or the apikey Check – To check if the plugin needs updating.

Use the Add plugin button to add a new plugin as an oik plugin. This is useful when you want to update to a development version of a plugin.

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Recent plugin updates
bbboing v1.8 v1.8 has a minor change to test integration with the shortcake UI plugin. ...
oik v2.5-alpha.0130 oik v2.5-alpha.0130 is the first drop for oik v2.5.
This first version is primarily focussed on delivery of some prototype code to support the shortcake UI plugin.
oik-batchmove v2.4 Now supports mass setting of post meta data. ...
oik-squeeze v0.7 v0.7 of the oik-squeeze WordPress plugin no longer displays the squeeze page form on the WPMS sign-up page. ...
oik-external-link-warning v0.05 v0.05 of the oik-external-link-warning plugin now supports display of tooltips over links which do not contain the title attribute. ...