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oik nivo slider themes

oik nivo slider comes with 9 slider themes: 4 from nivo jQuery 3.2, 3 from jQuery nivo 2.7.1, and two oik themes – one for jQuery nivo 3.2 and one for version 2.7.1 The newer themes are responsive, so you don’t have to worry so much about choosing the correct image size.

Use the theme= parameter to select the styling you require.

Here we see the default theme being used to display images attached to post 2256 ( oik-nivo-slider thumbnail= parameter examples ).


[nivo theme=default post_parent=2256 post_type=attachment]



Recent plugin updates
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oik v2.5-alpha.0130 oik v2.5-alpha.0130 is the first drop for oik v2.5.
This first version is primarily focussed on delivery of some prototype code to support the shortcake UI plugin.
oik-batchmove v2.4 Now supports mass setting of post meta data. ...
oik-squeeze v0.7 v0.7 of the oik-squeeze WordPress plugin no longer displays the squeeze page form on the WPMS sign-up page. ...
oik-external-link-warning v0.05 v0.05 of the oik-external-link-warning plugin now supports display of tooltips over links which do not contain the title attribute. ...